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Pause in the Dark

When I was a child, I recall going through a haunted house that was more than my little brain could handle. I was terrified. Toward the end, I saw the promise of daylight and rushed headlong through the metal turn-style gate. I scraped my elbow and leg, but was happily relieved to find myself back in the light of day and still alive. I've gone back to this haunted house as an adult. As typically happens, I move through it to find that the mechanical ghouls and creepy noises, are obvious and not scary at all.

Moving through difficult situations in life can feel similar to moving through a haunted house, desiring just to rush headlong into the light and rejoin with happy times. But, rushing often results in more wounds that require extra time to heal. More importantly, the opportunity was missed to pause in the darkness, dig into the fear, and discern the truth; a truth that would allow you to enter the light with ease and peace, embracing genuine happiness that requires no medication.

The end of Winter can feel a bit like this... a desire to rush headlong into Spring. Take these last few weeks of Winter to see what is left for you to uncover in the darkness. Slow down. Pause. Accept. Accept again. Seek out the truth of the darkness rather than running from it. This is what makes the soil within nourished and rich, so your germinating seeds can rise to the light in their full glory at the perfect time.


Featuring Sprouted Buckwheat Fritters today! This new recipe I developed was a total experiment, but worked! The whole family loved them and requested them for leftovers (that's my truth detector for if they were really liked). My blogpost "Unlocking Your Potential" talks about the darkness required for the beautiful buckwheat groats to sprout and has a video on how to do it in your own kitchen! Give these gorgeous green fritters a try and let me know how it goes, or even better, let everybody know by sharing what you make to Instagram and tagging!


Join Andrew Marshall and I for our first True Nature Retreat. We will be staying in a tipi village outside Eugene, Oregon. Connect with the natural world as you move into deeper connection with your inner nature through yoga, meditation, sound bowl healing, forest bathing, delicious food, community, and much more.

To honor the Native American traditions and wisdom we gratefully incorporate into this retreat, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Native American Youth and Family Center in Portland.

Upcoming Events

March 8th, 2020 - Chakra Workshop 3:00-5:00pm Tickets here

Whether you are new to chakras or have been studying them for years, you will find benefit in this space created to connect with and harmonize your energy centers. Through the use of movement, breath work, chanting, crystal sound bowls, and journaling, your energy will freely flow from the grounded root of your being to the infinite crown. Connection to each center will be made with the use of tangible natural objects provided as a gift to you.Following the workshop, we will enjoy tea and a healthy treat as we explore our discoveries.Sign up today! Space is limited 💗

September 17th-20th, 2020 - True Nature Retreat More info here

Are you yearning to immerse yourself in the peace and harmony of nature? This three-night magical retreat will  connect you in a meaningful way with mother nature, drawing you more deeply into connection with your inner nature.​

Nestled in the heart of a beautiful Oregon forest, next to a babbling creek, we will gather for meditation, yoga, guided forest bathing, crystal sound bowl healing, and fireside gatherings. You will join with nature and connect in spirit with those around you, while still enjoying space to retreat and tend to the needs of your soul.

​Each day we will wake and gather for morning meditation and invigorating (yet suitable for all levels) yoga. Following breakfast, we will feed our spirit with nature! Moving through the forest in a meaningful way will allow you to fully absorb the magic and access a true state of inner harmony. Lunch will be a collective effort with the guidance of Katrina, a passionate Nutritionist and food-lover. Afternoons will be open for you to nourish yourself with whatever appeals to you. Hiking, enjoying the creek's swimming hole, visiting with friends, relaxing in the hot tub, reading in a hammock... all options in this lovely setting. Late afternoon, we will gather for restorative yoga and sound bath, followed by dinner. Before heading to bed, we will circle around the fire to reflect and enjoy.

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